Toys “R” Us Return And Refund Policy Online

Are you wanted to get the information about the Toys “R” Us Return Policy, Then you are in the right place. Because here we give you the information about the Toys “R” Us. Here we will guide you for the How do you return the purchased item from Toys “R” Us.

In case you are the Toys “R” Us, the regular customers, then you have to know about those policies. Because you want to return the purchased item in the Toys “R” Us Store, Then you need guidance for the returning the purchased item.

We know that you like to shop from the Toys “R” Us stores or Toys “R” Here we provide genuine guidance for the returning the purchased item from the Toys “R” Us Store or Toys “R”

It happens that By mistake, Toys “R” Us is giving any defective or damaged item, and then you return to the Toys “R” Us. After reading the provided information, you easily return the purchased item in Toys “R” Us.

We know that you trust on Toys “R” Us Stores. Toys “R” Us Stores do not give you any defective or damaged items. By chance, you get any defective or damaged items from the Toys “R” Us store or Toys, and then you have a chance to return that item to Toys “R” Us.

Toys “R” Us Return Policy

Toys “R” Us is accepted that. You want to return the purchased item in Toys “R” Us store, then you need a help for returning the purchased item. You really want a help for the returning the purchased item, then we will ready to give help for the returning you’ve purchased the item in the Toys “R” Us.

You want to return your purchased item before the returning the purchased item, you want to get the information about the Toys “R” Us returns policy rules.

Then we also give the information about that. Here we guide you for that, and we also give all the rules of the Toys “R” Us return policy. If you want to get that rules, then you carefully read the bellowed mentioned information.

Rules of the Toys “R” Us Return Policy

  • Refunds and exchanges are issued with packing slips within 45 days of original order shipments.
  • All video and computer software and systems are basically the factory, factory seals, paid for the refund.
  • With all the refund recovery original packaging, item bias with all PS and original status was ignored.
  • Open packages can only be exchanged for the same product. Refunds will be applied to the credit card. Additional shipping or restocking fees may be required for special delivery items required by the LTL carrier. For health reasons, chest pumps cannot be returned once after opening.
  • No tenants and exchangers, if Shane Items’ internal and hygiene standards, extra income on Toys “R” Us and way of canceling outliers

Methods of the Returning The Purchased item

Here you will see all the rules of Toys “R” Us return policy. But here we give the Toys “R” Us all the rules of the return policy and here we guide you to give your purchased item how to return to the Toys “R” Us.

We know that you want to bring your defective items back to the Toys “R” Us store, and you want to get the details about how to buy your purchased toys “R” Us in our store or website. You will be glad to know that you can give the Toys “R” Us back to us the item purchased with 2 ways, and we know that you are very excited about the information here.

By Visiting the Toys “R” Us Store

  • First is a need to find the nearest Toys “R” Us Store.
  • Now let’s meet the Toys “R” Us shopkeeper and communicate with them about the returning purchased item.
  • Now give your packaging slip to the shopkeeper of Toys “R” Us.
  • Users also need to give a confirmation email or a payment option detail to verify your product payment.
  • Now give back the purchase a product with the proper packaging with all necessary components.

If a user receiving a damaged or defective piece of your purchased item, then you can easily return your’ve purchased the item to them by visiting the Toys “R” Us Store. This is nearby your residential area to avoid the shipment charges.

It is required to return your purchased item in 45 days from the date of order shipment. If you want to find the nearest Toys “R” Us store then because we give a site of Toys “R” Us store locator.

By Courier returning the purchased item

  • First, you need to visit the official site of Toys “R” Us at
  • Now login with your Toys “R” Us account.
  • Therefore, open your purchase order list.
  • Now selects your item which you want to return.
  • Now give reason for returning your purchased item to Toys “R” Us.
  • Now completely packs your purchased item to courier with all accessories.
  • The user needs to include the copy of your purchase the bill with the courier.
  • The company suggests customer use that type of courier service which they can be tracked easily.

This is the method to return your purchase the item to Toys “R” Us by the courier services. it is important to follow the step-by-step method and include the all minimum accessories with the bill to successfully done your returning process.

After that, users need to wait for your refunding process to get to refund of your money in your account. We suggest user to carefully follow the steps of this method to return your purchased item to Toys “R” Us.

Toys “R” Us Refund Policy

Toys “R” Us gives two types of membership, one is a non-star card membership and the second one is Star Card membership. If you use non-star card membership, then your refund will be in 14 days from returning process.

If you use star card membership, then your refund you get you will get in 21 days from the returning date. It is important to know that delivery charges are non-refundable. Then you can only refund your paid product bill.

Final Words

We hope that this post is helpful for returning your purchased item to the Toys “R” Us by following the returning method step. If you use the courier method, then you have to follow all requirements steps to complete your procedure.

It is necessary to read this post from up to down to understand each and every detail for returning your purchased item.

If you get the defective or damaged piece then this post going to help you to return your item. If you have any query or problem related to returning policy then you can easily comment in comment section. More detail about the stores, supermarkets, and malls return policy.

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