Newegg Return Policy, Newegg Return and Refund Policies

Hello readers, have a nice day, do you ever want to give the back the product which you bought in Newegg Inc. So do not need to take tension. If you want to get information about returning your product which is purchased from Newegg then you are at the right place.

Here we are providing information regarding the Newegg Return Policy. This post is very useful and meaningful because we provide true and straightforward information about the return policy and their terms and conditions.

Many times some customer who do online shopping, get defective or damaged products or unsatisfied product, but they do not know how to return a product and after returning the product Newegg gives a refund or not? So you are right.

Newegg does not only give you the return option, but also give refund and replacement of the purchased product. Here we give information about the return policy and also give a simple step on how to return the product.

Newegg Inc. is a big e-commerce company. It gives the facility to return the product for its reliable customer because the satisfaction of the customer is very important for them. Newegg Return Policy gives the facility to return the purchased product to Newegg Inc.

Newegg Return Policy

within 30 days from the purchasing date. In some product, it gives 45 days for returning product and sometimes gives a year from purchased date depending on the purchased product.

In this post, you get information regarding how to return your product. Before returning your purchased product, you have to know rules of Return Policy of Newegg Inc.

First, you knew rules of return policy, then you easily and hassle-free return your purchased product. Before taking this return process, you need to know your purchased products are eligible for return policy or not.

Here we are providing different methods for returning your purchased product and simple steps to return the product. If you want to know about terms and conditions or rules then you read furthermore and check below.

Rules of the Newegg Return Policy

  • This return policy applies only to products which are sold and shipped by Newegg Inc.
  • All products which want to return need a Return Merchandise Authority (RMA) number.
  • For the US customers obtain an RMA number by connecting customer service care of Newegg which is provided at its official website on contact us page.
  • For international customers, need to file a return.
  • Return for refund may give you partially or fully refund depending on returning the product (for more information check bellow in Refund Policy).
  • If products are new with retail packaging unopened can be returned within 30 days to Newegg.
  • Some products which are not eligible for returned and may be rejected products that are received by Newegg due to the following conditions.
  • Products which not bought from Newegg.
  • Give a proper and reliable reason for returning product.
  • Any products which you want to return that does not exhibit all original packaging and accessories.
  • UPC code removed from its packaging.
  • If you get physically damaged product then immediately contact to customer care service. For more information about it then go to the official website and click on report a shipping problem.

Methods for returning the item in Newegg Inc.

Dear customers, here we are going to tell you different ways for returning your purchased product to Newegg Inc. If you completely do steps as shown below then you can easily return your bought product. Newegg gives you two ways for returning your items; one is online and the second is offline.

Here we are telling you about both methods in detail. If Newegg store is nearest to you, then you can easily go on offline method.

Newegg store has not the only website, you are provided mobile by Newegg. In the online return method, you go to the website as well as on the mobile app. These two ways are exactly same; in these, you will do exactly same procedure to return your items.

Newegg store is big and international e-commerce store, that’s why most customers do online shopping and online return procedure. If you want to know procedure of online return or retuning by mail, then check below information.

By Mail returning the items

  • If you got the defective or damaged or unsatisfied product then immediately call to the customer service care.
  • Go to its official website or the mobile app.
  • Click on login or register icon and open your registered account.
  • If you have not registered on Newegg then not worry about it, go to bottom of the page and click on return the items.
  • Next to fill your order number which you want to return an email address or zip code. Click on proceed.
  • Now click on the checkbox beside the item which you want to return.
  • Next, fill all detail with your item and must be given a reason for returning the item. Click on submit.
  • If you are a premier member of the Newegg then not need to pay for return item.
  • You are not a premier member, then redirect to the payment page, and you pay for returning items.
  • Then click on Download your label (PDF) and print out it.
  • Now please pack your item in originally packing and accessory.
  • Your return label past on packing.
  • If you want to multiple return items then you call to the customer after do each separate return procedure for items.

As above-mentioned procedure you will do, then you can successfully complete your return procedure. After does your return proceeds, Newegg will tack7 to 8 working day.

If you are not getting the proper response from Newegg then contact to customer care service. You want to return your product by visiting the store, then check below information.

By Visiting Newegg Store returning the items

  • As in online method, if you got a defective product, immediately call to customer care and also ask them about the address of nearest Newegg store.
  • Go to nearest Newegg store.
  • You will go to the customer service desk at the Newegg store.
  • Then you have to ask and collect returning form, and then you fill up detail regarding item and reason to return it

We hope you can easily do the return procedure and successfully complete the return process. Newegg does not give only return facility but also give a refund as well as replace the facility.

If you want to get information about Refund Policy of Newegg Inc. then see at below information.

Newegg Refund Policy

Dear customers, Newegg gives you a refund of your returning item depending on the product. If you return unopened product then Newegg gives fully refund. In some product, it gives a partial refund because it takes money as the restocking fee.

If you return combo items, then it gives a refund after subtracting discount to the purchased price. We hope this information gives you proper knowledge of how to refund Newegg. If you want to know more for the refund than you go on to its official website

click here

Final Words

We hope you get all answer to your question regarding Return and Refund Policy of Newegg and successfully and hassle-free complete your returning procedure.

We are happy for providing information about the Newegg store. If you want more information about the return policy and refund policy about other stores.

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