Lulus Return Policy, Lulus Returns and Refund Policies

Hey Lulus Customer, are you fed-up with reading the Lulus Return Policy’s long details? Then here I will provide the short and sweet information on the Lulus Return Policy.

Many people finding the ways to return a product to the Lulus Store or, because they get a defective item, damaged product, have many reasons to return the product in Lulus Store or

Sometimes people’s adjustment with the product because they don’t know “They have the option to return the item to Lulus Store or

So, here I will give you the genuine guidance on the Lulus Return Policy. So, you have to carefully read the here given information on the Lulus Return Policy and Lulus Exchange Policy.

About Lulus

Hey, Lulus is an American online retail company and Lulus is selling the women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, intimates, and swimwear. So, many people like to buy a product from Lulus.

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge is founded in 1996 and Lulu’s headquarters is located at Chico, California, The United Status.

Lulus Return Policy

Every day many people buy a product from the Lulus, So, sometimes, possibly you get a defective or damaged item. But many people don’t know about the Lulus Return Policy, So, they make a little mistake and don’t get a refund.

So, here I will provide all the details regarding the Lulus Return Policy. If you want to return a product to Lulus, then you have to check these details because is very important to know all facts of Lulus Return or Exchange Policy. Because some products we can’t return to Lulus, only the exchange policy works on it.

Lulus Returns Conditions | What is Lulus Return Policy

You have 30-days to return the item to Lulus according to Lulus Return Policy. If you are not satisfied with the Lulus product, then you can easily return the product to Lulus.

If you return the product in the first 10-Days of purchase, then you don’t pay any fees or charges to return the item and In case you return the product after 10 days, then you have to pay the fees to return the product. This means you have to pay $7 charges to return a product.

You want to return the product to Lulus; then you don’t use the product because You can’t return the product: washed and worn products. And all the tags and hygienic liner is required to return the product.

Then my suggestion is in case you use the product, then you can’t return it to Lulus, so don’t use the product if you want to return.

You have to return the product in their original boxes. In case you received a box that is damaged, then you are ineligible to return it. This condition is applicable in shoes and other products you received in the box.

If you return items with clear use, alteration, animal hair, dander, deodorant, perfume, or a stain of a similar product, they may be subject to denial and will be returned to you. If you buy a Lulus Gift Card, then you are not eligible to return it, and you can’t get back the refund.

There are some conditions to returning the product to Lulus. The above-given conditions are applicable for the return of a product.

If you want to exchange the product, then you have to follow some other conditions, and Lulus Exchange Policy conditions are mentioned below. So, check it.

What is Lulus Exchange Policy or Lulus Exchange Conditions

The final sale product is eligible for the exchange, but that product only for exchangeable with the same product in different sizes. And a friend’s minimum cost of that product is $25 is required.

Guy’s online exchange is available, but you can exchange one time for one product. And you have to contact the Lulus Customer Service for exchanging the product in different colors and sizes because you can’t exchange the one product for another product. Same as Lulus return, you have a 30-days time period limit to exchange the product.

This is some Lulus Exchange Policy, and Same as Lulus Return, you don’t pay any charges for exchange, the condition is you have exchanged the product in 10-Days, otherwise, you have to $7 charges.

If you understand the conditions of the Lulus Exchange Policy, then let’s know the “How to return or exchange product?”

How to return the product to Lulus

Guy’s it’s very easy and simple to return a product. I will show you the legit and easy way to return a product in So, carefully check the below-given steps.

Step 1: First of all, Friends, you have to get the Lulus Return label. So, you have to open the

Step 2: After it, you have to log in with your account or Email Address and Order Number. Then you have to complete an easy process, then you get the Lulus Return Label.

Step 3: Use that return label to return a product. It means you have to stick that label on the box of you packed for return. And you have to mail the package by using the currier service.

Lulu’s return address is mentioned in the Lulus Return Label, so don’t worry, now you have to do sand that package to Lulus. That’s it. If you want to exchange the product, then this is not for exchange, so you have to use the Lulus Exchange way.

How do I make an exchange product?

For exchanging the product, you have to fill-up only one form. Here I am not explaining all the steps, but here I’m showing you the way to exchange the product. You have the option to call on the Lulus Customer Service for exchanging products. Then they assist you.

Step 1: Open the, and you have to log in with your Lulus Account or Email-address and Oder Number. You have to call on 1 (866) 918-5858, for exchanging the product.

Step 2: Complete the simple process of Lulus Exchange, then you get the Lulus Exchange Shipping Label.

Use that label to exchange a product or item. You have to mail this product at the given address in Shipping Label. If you face any trouble in the Exchange or Return Process, then you have to contact the Lulus Customer Service.

Lulus Refund Policy

You will receive your refund within 10 days of receiving the product. When your refund is issued, then you get one confirmation email of your refund amount. So, wait for the email after returning the product.

If you don’t get a refund in 10-Days, then you have to contact the Lulus Customer Service, Because it’s very important to inform them about your issue.

Final Words

Hopefully, here given information on Lulus Return Policy is very helpful and useful for you. If you have any doubts in here given information on Lulus Return/Exchange Policy.

then you have an option to inform us and clarify it. Sometimes people fed-up with long details, then provides you the genuine and long details in the short and sweet language.

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