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Have you a problem with making the return to the Apple merchandise, if you’re facing the problem, then don’t worry we are going to show you the whole information about the Apple return policy? By reading this post you can easily understand what is Apple return policy and how to return your purchase the product by using a various method to Apple to get the refund.

Mind that you have to read this proper post from up to down to understand each and every rule and regulation which is counseled to make the return to get the refund. As we know, Apple is a big American brand which sells many of product through the online shopping site at or the offline stores.

Sometimes the product gets worst or damaged, then customers need to return or replace them using the return policy which is provided by the Apple company. Therefore, in this post, We are going to show you how to easily return your Apple product. You need to know Which are the rules and the conditions you have to follow to complete the Apple return policy.

Apple Return Policy

Now, let’s know about the Apple return policy.

Apple return policy is the opportunity for the customer to return replace or exchange their purchase of the item. If they get defective or damaged piece by the merchandise. Apple return policy is the way which users can use to return the purchased item.

This policy only available if you bought any stuff from online site of or the offline store of Apple. If you purchased any stuff of Apple branding through the other stores or retailer, then the return policy of Apple does not accept any of this product.

So mind that, If you buy the stuff from Apple stores and online Apple site, then your purchased item is eligible for the Apple return policy.

By using this policy, customer can get the refund and their money back in your credit card account. Apple also gives an apple gift card to those users who buy the stuff by using Apple gift card and return the purchased item by using this return policy. Now let’s understand some of the basic rules which are recommended to request the Apple return policy.

Rules for Apple Return Policy

  • Apple gives two types of return policy on their products. The two types of policies are Holiday Return Policy and Standard Return Policy, and the rules of these policies are as follows.
  • November 14, 2018, and 25 December 2018 Dates, then they can only return their item through 8 January 2019.
  • after the 25 December 2018 then they are eligible to Standard policy.
  • 14 Colander days are provided by Apple to the Customer for returning any product.
  • You purchased item eligible for return if you buy from the official Apple Store or online site of Apple.
  • users purchased the Apple product from other sellers or stores, then they are not eligible for Apple Return Policy.
  • Your purchased Apple branding product from another selling store, then that product is not eligible for the return policy.
  • It is necessary to have proper packaging and all accessories of your purchase, the product for returning.
  • You that can easily return their open software if they never install in your PC or laptop.
  • Users also return their Apple gift card through this policy.
  • Apple also gives a return policy on Apple print products.
  • Apple developer accessory also eligible for returning, then users can easily return the product.

If you want to successfully return your item then you need to follow the recommended rules which are given in the upper section.

It is necessary to read the proper rules of Apple return policy to perform the methods to make a return to get the refund. So now let’s see the steps which users need to follow to request the return or exchange.

Method of the returning the item to the Apple

Apple offers various ways to return your purchased items easily. Here in this post, We show the two-way or method to make the return and the methods are shown step by step. So, carefully follow them.

Method 1: Through the Mail
Method 2: By Visiting the Apple Store

Method 1: Through the Mail

  • First, go to the
  • Now, log in your account with username and password.
  • Now select your order list and select the product which you wished to return.
  • After that, Click on Start Return button.
  • Confirm that your product is acceptable or not.
  • After that, click on print label option to print the mailing address.
  • If you have one or more boxes, than print the label by clicking again.
  • Finally, post or drop your product using the secure postal services.

Your process is done simply. Now you have to wait for the refund when your item is shipping at Apple warehouse. After that, your refund will come in your account. Now let’s see method 2 to return your Apple product.

Method 2: By Visiting the Apple Store

  • Find the nearby Apple Store by clicking Here
  • Go to the store and talk with Apple Store staff.
  • Tell him for the return.
  • see your bills and confirmation e-mail to confirm the product
  • follow the instructions of the Apple associative to complete the procedure.
  • give your product to the Apple retailer.

The second method is very helpful for that uses which is residence near the Apple stores. and We sure that by using the step by step method, they can easily return the purchased item by offline Store and get the refund as soon as possible.

Apple Refund Policy

Every customer interested to know when they get a refund from Apple. Then, for your kind information, Apple gives you a refund after the completion of the Return successfully. and You have to wait for 3 or 5 business days to get the refund by Apple merchandise.

If you pay the bill of your product via credit card, then you will get the refund directly into your credit card account by Apple. If you pay your bills via Apple gift card, then Apple gives you a gift card by sending an email. Therefore, you have to wait for the email to get the refund.

Final Words

This post is full of information about Apple return policy. By using this information, we definitely sure that you can easily return, exchange or replace your purchased item to the Apple merchandise. We suggest users read this post before they return of their purchased item through the mail or by visiting a Store.

If you face any problem related to Apple return policy, then comment in the below section. If you want more information about other stores, companies, and malls, return or exchange policy.

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