Amazon Return and Refund Policy 2022

Hey Friends, are you heard the name of online shopping site Amazon or are you enjoy buying awesome products in festival time. If you purchased any product from Amazon, then we suggest users take a look at this post because it is necessary to know about the Amazon Return Policy.

This is the real time that users need help to return their purchased item to Amazon. At this time If your purchased item might get damaged or defective then you need to return your purchased item to get the refund of your money.

As we know that users can easily shop at Amazon online site at But sometimes users need to return their product to Amazon but without proper knowledge, they can’t Complete the procedure of return.

Amazon Return Policy then we suggest users to deeply read this post and understand the details about the Amazon Return Policy. Now, let’s know deeply about the Amazon Return Policy and their different types of rules.

About Amazon Return Policy

Hello friends, today we will talk. In this paragraph, what is Amazon’s return policy and how it works? you will be happy to know that Amazon’s return policy is a benefit for a customer.

which a customer purchases any product from Amazon and the product is impaired or broken, then it can return its product again and get back the amount of money that he had given for the purchase.

You can take this policy as a very good policy for Amazon customers. but to understand Amazon’s return policy, you will have to read this post because in this post we describe the rules and regulations of the Amazon Return Policy.

Amazon Return Policy

In the post, We give the details of Amazon Return Policy, then read it. Amazon Return Policy gives this customer the advantage so that you can do it.

The product can change and can replace it if it is to repair the products, it can also repair it, and better than all, it can refund your money. If you want to know then follow the steps in the paragraphs below or follow step-by-step procedure and return your product.

Rules of Amazon Return Policy

  • If you bought Computers from Amazon and if the item you bought is defective or broken, then you can return the item within 30 days.
  • If you bought Electronics From Amazon online site, then you have returned the item within 30 days from the date of shipment.
  • If users purchased Amazon Alexa Voice, then you can easily return that item within 7 days.
  • Amazon did not give you a return policy on Fresh and Grocery stuff, then it is no option available to return.
  • Amazon gives you 90 days to return the renewed item if you buy any renewed product from Amazon Return Policy.
  • Amazon Company offers a 90 days return policy on the Baby Products.
  • If you purchased clothing and other Accessories, then you can return them in 30 days from the date of shipment.
  • If users purchase any games, software downloads, from Amazon and Android App Store, then Amazon didn’t give you a return policy on these items.
  • If users purchase any of Live Plants or Inspector’s, then users can’t return or refund the live plants and trees to Amazon.

Methods of the Amazon Return or Replacement

Now, let’s come to the original point of This post and this point is Amazon Return Policy or how users can return your broken or damaged item to Amazon to get back the fresh or new item.

We know the users want the option to return your purchased product without problems. then we covered the two ways which going to help you to successfully return or exchange your purchased product to Amazon.

In this post, we give two best way or the simple way to return your defective product to get your refund. As per Customer satisfaction, we put two different methods which can help our users in the offline or online way.

A customer can choose any one method from this because we give all step by step details, then you can easily understand and do your process without wasting more time.

By Mail or Online return your purchased item

  • First, Customer needs to Visit the official gateway of Amazon at
  • Now, Users require to Login your Amazon Account.
  • Now, #open your order list.
  • After that, #select the item which you want to return.
  • In this step, users need to #click on the Return or Replacement Item option.
  • Now, #give the proper reason for the returning your purchased product.
  • Now, pack the proper product with all part and accessories.
  • Finally, you have to courier your product to the Amazon.

Note: It is necessary to pack the product with proper packaging. The company also demand that you have to use the best courier service to return your purchased item. If you want to repair your purchased product, then you have to return only those part which you get damaged or defective.

The Amazon Store or Offline to returning the purchased item

  • First, you need to find your nearest Amazon Store.
  • Now, Communicate to Customer Service of that store about the Return process.
  • Now, tell the right reason for the returning the purchased product.
  • Fill out the necessary form and do your procedure.
  • Return your product to the Amazon Store.

Congratulations, you are done your returning procedure at the Amazon store. If your product return policy allows the company to get back your money, then storekeeper instantly give back your refund.

but if your purchased item policy does not allow, then you have to wait for the refund process of Amazon. If you have any problem with the Return policy, then read our post very deeply.

Amazon Refund Policy

If you complete your Amazon return or replace the product process, then you might wait for your refund. But for your kind information, this refund process takes time as per your payment option.

if you use the credit card for payment then your refund will come in 3 or 5 working days but if you choose another way to pay then your money will refund in 10 or maximum 30 days.

Final Words

We sure that your issue of Amazon return policy will be solved after reading this Amazon Return Policy post. We know that this post going to help you to easily return your product in no time.

If you have any problem with the method and process of return, you can know us by commenting below. Further information about the other mall and store return policy.

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